UK embassy reopens the visa section in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The embassy of the UK in the United Arab Emirates has opened up its counselor sections in Abu Dhabi and Dubai after shutting down all visa operations since 15th March 2020, due to the COVID 19 outbreak. The Embassy will start accepting tourist visa applications on 28 June 2020. 
Applicants who had submitted their passports before the lockdown can now schedule new appointments for their UK visa application, and submit their documents and passport to the embassy. 

Social distancing norms will be followed at the application centers and no user-pay priority services will be currently available. 
The embassy has also started contacting applicants whose applications were under process and received no decision as yet. In the communication sent out by the embassy, applicants are expected to choose between one of three scenarios:

1. If they wish to withdraw their application. The visa application and biometrics fees will not be refunded. 
2. If they wish to continue their application and their personal situation has not changed. The applicants are expected to provide a new date of travel. 
3. If they wish to continue their application and their personal situation has changed. The applicants are expected to provide details of a change in their personal situation and a new date of travel. 

Applicants who get their visas issued can travel to the UK from 8 July 2020 with new travel rules will be implemented in the UK due to COVID 19, you can read more about the restrictions also on the UKBA website

With the UAE government allowing residents and tourist visa holders to enter UAE, such a move from the governments will restart tourism between the two countries. Emirates has already started its daily flight service to London. 

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